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This Priest From Syria Gathered Money For Redemption Of More Than 200 Christians From ISIS Captivity.

This Priest From Syria Gathered Money For Redemption Of More Than 200 Christians From ISIS Captivity.

On February 23, 2015 there was a terrorist attack by militants ISIS groups (Islamic State) in the North-Eastern part of Syria. Terrorists simultaneously attacked 35 localities in which Christians lived. As a result of the attack 226 civilians were taken hostage.

Terrorists agreed to release 17 people if one of them would take their note to Mar Afram Athneil, Bishop of the Syrian city of El-Hasaka. In the note terrorists offered the bishop to redeem the hostages by paying 50 thousand dollars for each person’s life. In case of refusal to provide them money, terrorists threatened to start carrying out executions.



Later, the bishop told that it took him three days to make a decision. Deal with the terrorists represented a great danger, but he had to do that in order to save human lives.

Priest Abdo Marz agreed to fulfill the terms of the militants. Among the hostages there was his 6-year-old daughter.

The information about collecting money for redemption of hostages was spread around through social networking sites. A powerful impetus for donations was the video of the execution of three hostages by terrorists. People from all corners of the earth actively donated money to save lives.



Together, they managed to collect the necessary sum of money. The last 43 hostages were released on February 22, 2016.



Athneil Bishop refused to tell the exact amount paid to terrorists, but we know that it was measured in millions of dollars. Athneil refused to leave Syria until all of his people were released.

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